Catering company in nigeria

Looking for Catering in Nigeria? Find the list of Top Catering Services in Nigeria on our business directory. Catering Services near me. Food Hub Catering Service is the one of the best catering service in and around Abuja.

Contact us for both indoor and outdoor catering. Is your wedding, birthday party, office party, school party, end De crown caterers No 15 agba street,onitsha, OnitshaAnambra. Bolicious and grill is here with somethinhlg unusual,we do roasted plantain and grill fish, asun and suya, BBQ and chops all this we serve at events and parties,takeaway point as well as office and ho Lagis, LagosLagos.

Kusha is a catering business that specializes in Nigerian and Continental dishes and custom catering orders. We offer a full service catering to your taste and budget and we strive to exceed your expec We offer events catering services and rentals of catering items for all types of events. We also provide cakes, small chops, catering for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, social events. This event planning company provides a full range of services including Catering Services, LoveStruck is a Luxury and Celebrative brand.

Sincewe have upheld our passion for high quality food and service delivery. Verified Phone Map Website Photos 4. Verified Phone E-mail Map. Award winning Event planner Classic foods and events. Our world in Catering works. Making your event beautiful and memorable! From colourful decors and spices dishes Our events are completely customized, reflecting the brand personality of each client. Whether we act for a family, a product, a company or a cause, our work embraces experiences that integrate innova Ala conference 2021 crown caterers No 32 sakpoba road,Agbor, AgborDelta.

So-tastie is made up of seasoned chefswe make quality cakes for wedding,birthday,and every occasions. Our pastry and small-chops are delicately prepared to grace your events. With the wealth of exp We have well trained staff with the ability to satisfy our customer's demands andCall Top 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria.

Best Catering Companies in Nigeria: In case you want to plan an event, they are lots of good catering companies, lots of companies who render a wonderful service to their clients.

In this article, we will list the top ten catering services in Nigeria according to their rank. This company was founded by Toyin Ayodeji a unique cake designer, as well as an event planner.

This company has really grown. The company has a catering school; here students are taught how to make a cake as well as confectionery. They also have courses which include:. Gold service was established in the yearthis service is a very popular service located in Lagos. This company has lots of customers all over the country Nigeria. They have an institute where students are taught cooking. They render different services which include:. This company has an oil sector which makes them very popular.

Their operation cuts across 14 locations in Nigeria.

catering company in nigeria

They have connections with the Exxon, shell, Agip total and Mobil. They specialize in the refrigerated delivery transportation system and lots more. They ensure that all their products are available at the right time and well packaged.

This establishment was founded in the year They provide an excellent service for clients. Their services include. This is one of the top ten catering services.

Which was established in the year ?

catering company in nigeria

This company is located in Toyin Street Ikeja, Lagos. Initially,the company began operating as an outfit providing catering service but now it has grown to become a renounced company which provides outdoor catering service. This service is the leading provider of the camp facility as well as offshore catering.

This company renders lots of services which include:. This catering service is known for excellent delivering facilities service at offshore rigs, camps and also universities across Nigeria.

They provide catering services to companies with living inhabitance in Nigeria like:. This Company is one of the best food services in Nigeria. They provide a quality food supply for their clients. You can as well call on them for their hospitality and service if needed.

This is another top catering service. It was founded in the year This service is located in Warri, Delta state. Their service also targets customers onshore and offshore. They have a very high-quality service. They have the ability to satisfy their customers well. We are going to mention a few of their clients. This service is situated in Dolphin state Lagos, they provide indoor catering service.Catering Business Plan is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to help you start the Implementation.

Industry: Catering Catering Business plan in Nigeria. We are committed to rendering high quality catering services at affordable prices. Catering became a profession out of the intense passion I have for it. I have been involved in catering one way or the other.

My mum is a caterer by profession hence I had been involved in the business ever since my childhood days but I started rendering this service officially as a business ten years ago Having such a vast array of knowledge and experience about catering, I strongly belief this will give me a strong progressive leap forward in this industry and also in the business world.

I have a great passion for self-reliance and creating job opportunities. Objective for Catering Business in Nigeria. Goal for Catering Business Plan in Nigeria. To be the leading Catering business in Nigeria and its environs through the provision of excellent, unique and creative catering services. Vision for the C atering Business Plan in Nigeria. We want to create a certain loving, homey and cozy atmosphere for all who eat, work, and serve while producing quality, nutritious, and tasty food in an environment that encourages all customers.

Mission for the C atering Business Plan in Nigeria.

catering company in nigeria

To render all round classic services including high quality, nutritional and tasty food for consumption in Nigeria. He will be in-charge of day to day activities of the business. Mr Dayo Adetiloye — B.

How To Start Catering Service In Nigeria

He is our business development strategist and a strategic partner. Management experience gained for the Catering Business Plan in Nigeria. I am the CEO of the company overseeing the day to day activities of the business.

Office and work space, gas cookers, pizza pans, oven and oven accessories, pots steak knives, soup chafers, catering trays, vases and floral centrepieces, beverage dispensers, serving utensils, table linens, napkin holder, outdoor grills, dinnerware, plates, candelabras, lamps, candles, etc. For the remaining part of this business Plan, including the detailed financial analysis, call any of our business plan consultants on or or or send me an email at dayohub gmail. We help institutions and organizations to write concepts and implement Business Plan and also train on business Plan writing in Nigeria.

We can help you write a detail, strong and winning business Plan for any use. Call any of our business plan consultants on:and Click here to access my free E-book and newsletter on Grants opportunities in Nigeria and other business opportunities and information to help you discover, develop and fulfil your business potential.

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Wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, child dedication and every other event is incomplete if nobody is being fed. An organizer of an event would not want to leave the whole duty of making sure that guests are satisfied to go and start sharing food. Catering is the business of providing food service at a remote site or a site such that some of all party food for an event is prepared. Catering service is one good business in Nigeria that is highly lucrative.

As a caterer you should be prestigious, you should have all the facilities and expertise for providing quality services.

You should be able to provide both indoor and outdoor catering services to your clients. Being a caterer entails you being your own boss. Catering has lots of dimensions. For the cause of this article, we would settle on the area of weddings. Still under wedding catering, we have:. One thing you should bear in mind is that, you are going to be serving a crowd with diverse people from all walks of life who have different taste.

You need to have gained enough experience in this area of cooking service. If you are not a very good cook yourself, you can choose to hire good cooks that are experts in their own domain.

They should not just be good but also be able to offer satisfactory service to clients. These cooks should be versatile such that, they can cook dishes of all kinds. They should also be neat and exercise good hygiene. The best thing you can do to make sure that you have the best set of cooks, you can put them through tests to ensure that they are capable of offering good services to your clients.

The table settings must be appealing and welcoming to guest and the host, tables should be well decorated with table covers, cutleries, cups with colorful tissues in them should be well arranged on the table this will make the guest feel homely and comfortable. You definitely would need people who would go around to deliver the food to the guests when they have been dished.

All the food items should be perfect to taste and also well decorated to match the occasion for making the party a cherished moment for the guests as well as the host. You should also be engaged in rendering all religious communities. You should have exotic and scrumptious menus, which will delight the mood of the lovers and also create a lip-smacking feast for the guest and host. Steps needed in achieving success in wedding catering business. Catering business is one that needs a lot of money and time.

To be able to have a good catering service outlet, you should first start with a business plan. This plan would help you plan what you need. It would help you manage your spending. Get a place in a zone with great traffic. You need to be outspoken at all times. As I said earlier, you should have cooks, waiters and waitresses who work with you. You cannot do everything on your own.

You need a good advert that will entice passersby, you advert must be inviting, must be well branded. You will need to print complementary cards, flyers to share at every occasion you attend. Treat your clients well they will surely introduce you to their families and friends. With the above steps you are assured of making it big in this business.

It would also interest you to know that, your ability to sustain this business is your key to becoming a great person in future. See more trendy business gists here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.The level of demand for the product is quite high by virtue of the fact that Onitsha has a concentration of people owing to the fact that it is a commercial city.

We therefore recommend it for funding to enable its implementation. As the population of the area is currently on the increase, the demand for quality fabrics is also on the increase.

The need to acquire vocational skills and to celebrate one thing or another has created a large market for the catering business. The change in lifestyle in addition to change in social and corporate pressure have made catering business a good option for busy corporate executives and house wives who may not have the time to undertake the troubles involved in organising an occasion.

Nigerian start-up cooks and delivers African dishes

So there exists a ready market for vocational training and catering services. In a locality, you can have an average of 4 to 5 catering service provider. The consumers desire quality products and services. To keep pace with the competition requires continuous innovation approach to product and service delivery.

However, our catering services intend to deliver quality products and prompt services at competitive prices. To place an order, pay N10, to. Restaurant Business Plan. Wedding Planning Business Plan.

catering company in nigeria

Perfume Making Business Plan. Event Planning Business Plan. Fashion Boutique Business Plan. Building Materials Business Plan.

Computer Business Center Business Plan. Consumer Behaviour Opens in a new browser tab. Laundry Cleaning Business Plan. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.Are you about starting a catering business?

If YES, here are 10 legal requirements you must meet to avoid having friction with the government or regulatory bodies. When you are planning to start your catering business, you have to be aware that there are legal considerations that you would have to meet up with for your business to be considered legal; so that you can operate freely without fear or harassment.

About West Africa Catering

So whether you are starting your catering business in Canada, Australia or America, here are some of the legal requirements you would need to meet up with. Remember that some of these regulations are designed to protect you, your business and your workers.

The government is not only interested in the revenue that it makes from these licenses, it is also interested in protecting you and ensuring that you protect yourself, your employees and people who reside around the places where you conduct your business. I have outlined the top ten legal catering documents or requirements you will be required to meet up with below The government wants to be sure that people who consume your prepared meals are safe and not exposed to dangers like food poisoning.

There have been cases of wide spread epidemic or even deaths as a result of consuming meals that were not probably handled by caterers and this is what the government generally wants to guard against and that is why obtaining a health permit is the first and most important legal requirement you would be required to meet up with before you can commence operation of your catering business.

Some of the things that would be inspected before you can obtain or renew your health permit include. Other things that would be inspected to obtain a health permit include your storage areas, refrigeration system, raw food and cooking methods. Business License -: Another legal requirement you would have to meet up is obtaining a business license for your catering business. You would have to determine the legal structure of your business and register your business accordingly.

It is always advisable to incorporate your business as a limited liability company, so that your catering business can have an identity of its own. Occupational health and safety -: The government wants to be sure that your employees are protected, hence the reason for insisting that you obtain an occupational health and safety certificate.

This would also attract regular visits from the authorities involved and some of the things they will be looking at include, eye and face protection, walking surface protection to prevent falls as well as equipment inspection. Fire protection inspection -: You should expect regular visits to your kitchen by the fire department because the catering business is one that is susceptible to fire outbreaks and the fire department would want to do everything possible to prevent this.

You would also be charged annual fees for a certificate of compliance. Alcoholic beverage control permit -: Most times, caterers also handle the drinks served at parties and if you would be handling alcoholic drinks, you would need to obtain a license for this.

You may also need to obtain an alcohol permit for every party you cater for. Business contracts and policy statements-: You would need to hire a lawyer to help you in drafting a business contract and policy statements which you would hand out to each of your clients and must be signed by both parties to show that they agree with the conditions stated; and to ensure that it is legally binding on both parties.

Some of the things that would be contained in your policy statement include Catering business is not immune to risks and you must be prepared to handle such situations when they arise. For instance, there might be a fire outbreak that would lead to destruction of equipment. There is also the risk of employee injury or legal suits that may arise as a result of people getting sick after consumption of prepared meals.

Apart from these, there is also the danger of thefts and property damage. This means that you should obtain an insurance policy to cover for such losses if and when they occur. However, you must ensure that you hire an insurance agent who has experience in the catering industry. You may also need to get different types of insurance such as personal liability insurance, motor vehicle insurancefire and theft etc.

Employment laws -: When you are hiring your employees, you should be aware of the laws that guard employment procedures in your state and ensure that you comply with them.

For instance, there are minimum wage requirements, employee discrimination laws, privacy laws and you just might be breaking a law without knowing it; if you are unaware of some of these laws.

Certification and training -: There are also certification requirements for starting catering business in some countries which you must ensure that you comply with. Some countries require you to take some practical tests or to have some training before you can start a catering business.Fair Smiles is a professional catering outfit designed to offer catering services with style and professionalism.

Our specialties include corporate and outdoor catering, table setting and small chops. Saheeto International Limited offers catering services for birthday parties, weddings, christening, funeral and other related events. Tasteville Catering Services Limited specialises in indoor and outdoor catering, culinary tutorship, catering equipment rental, catering consultancy and more. Ahuoma Kitchens Limited is an event caterer in Lagos Nigeria offering excellent food services for all occasions.

AZ Foods and Services is a coporate indoor and outdoor catering services, within and outside Lagos State. Our company services is more than ordinary catering is an extraordinary works in the area of table settings and ambience nutritious food.

Bolafolu Foodfillment Limited is a catering firm that has been providing world class services at clients designated location since Capri-Gem Catering Services is a professional catering outfit designed to provide its esteemed customers with an exceptional experience through our distinct food service. Chow Chiefs offer the best of catering service you can think of and much more as special buffet services.

Delice Desserts for finest quality desserts and professional service outdoor party event service providers. Demmys Banquet offers professional catering services including a wide range of gourmet african and continental cuisines to fingerfoods and cocktails.

Dotimi Mobile Pots Of Soup specialises in atama soup, afang soup, salads and catering of all kinds of local and foreign cuisines. Eniola Catering Services offers catering and food services for events and all kinds of occasions witin and beyond Lagos. Favmira Catering Services offers general catering services, small chops, cakes and snacks for occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.

Fedics Catering Services Nigeria Limited renders services in all kinds of indoor and outdoor catering including rentals and events planning services. Janey's kitchen is a competent, trusted and efficient organization offering professional catering services in Lagos Nigeria We are your one stop shop when it comes to parties and events of any kind within and outside Lagos.

La Cuisine Exotique prepare and deliver small chops, continental dishes, and tropical drinks for your events and ceremonies in any part of Nigeria. Lazeezah Spices offers catering services for birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, funerals and more.

Luscious Catering Services renders excellent services by providing hygienic, healthy, and delicious meal for various events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, burial and naming ceremony. Our specialties include indoor, corporate and outdoor catering services for birthdays.