Escape from tarkov russian phrases

As from now any player corresponding to our criteria can become a Game Master in his language group and manage a game in his language! How does it work? User files an application by filling in the online registration form, indicating his roleplay experience, acquaintance with Russia and Escape from Tarkov Universes, and whereafter completes an internship under the guidance of our lead Game Masters.

The user may also be recommended by emissary of his country. After the successful completion of training course the user is given all the necessary instruments for RPG management and Game Master manual, and another realm in the necessary language is being created in the game. Necessary requirements: talent for bright and exciting narration, skill in the turning of phrases, English language skills — it is necessary for communication within our international team supporting RPG as well as for translating the game interface and weapon, items and quests descriptions.

The newly-minted Game Master will occasionally receive permanently renewed quests story lines describing the details of the events taking place in Tarkov through the eyes of UN staff located in this sector, private military companies BEAR, USEC and three gangs of bandits.

Players can enjoy all these quest chains with their specifics, tincture and slang. Besides, the multilingual Game Master can arrange a community speaking his native language that will add local charm to the game; he can offer the ideas of new quests that can be added after our revision and approval, offer new features and so on. The text RPG was created only with efforts of the Community Department with a little aid from the game writer, while the rest of Escape from Tarkov developers are still very busy developing the core game.

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By targeting the disruption with more detailed language, the client can focus on it more completely and bring up parts of it that may have otherwise been hidden to you both. You will find there are a lot of different ways to accomplish the same goals with the language, so experiment with it and have fun. Now we can look at the purpose of that language in more detail and experiment with ways to enhance your results by expanding on it. Properly done, what you are about to learn adds elegance and efficiency to the EFT process.

Before we go any further, it is very important to realize that the mechanical skills used in delivering the Tell the Story Technique, Movie Technique and the other tools for addressing Specific Events are the foundation for everything you will learn in this part of the Tutorial.

No matter how you decide to experiment with your language, the structure of those tools should remain completely intact.

Following those instructions will insure that you continue to be specific, find all the aspects, and recognize testing opportunities when you have them. In this article we introduce ways to expand the Setup language to include a more detailed description of the aspect we are addressing, while we continue to accomplish the original goals of that language.

Here we assume that you are using the Tell the Story Technique and have access to all details of the event. We will present modifications for the other tools later in the article. The Extended Setup Phrase will help you shift from a brief word about the problem to a more complete description. This will not only target the upset more effectively, it will be a more personal, individualized experience for your client.

Once you have chosen a Specific Event to address, and are dealing with an aspect or crescendo therein, detailed instructions for each tapping round follow below.

If you have decided that a global approach is best at the beginning, you can use a few phrases to describe the event rather than just a movie title. However, as always with EFT, this new approach to language will be even more effective when directed at the individual aspects. Once you begin the Tell the Story Technique, you can use these instructions to describe what was happening at each crescendo you tap on.

That description can include emotions, physical sensations or just the details of that moment. Your client has an upsetting event in which an uncle embarrassed him in front of his friends, and describes it like this:. If the intensity is high enough to justify a "take the edge off" global approach at first, your Setup statement might look like this:.

Keep in mind that if we are doing Tell the Story Technique correctly, we do not know any other details yet, so we are limited for material to use in the global approach.

We were just goofing off, but then a few cute girls we knew came over to say hello. I had always been shy, so I was nervous and afraid of saying something stupid. At that point, the client feels intensity, so you stop the story, get an intensity rating, and ask the client which part of that moment causes the most discomfort.

Your Extended Setup might look something like this:. I was so afraid of saying something stupid because I had always been shy and these girls were really cute.

Gunsmith - Part 10

Even though I still feel nervous about that now, I deeply and completely accept myself. I was so completely embarrassed I felt like peeing my pants again. This is the biggest crescendo of the story with the highest intensity so far and lots of aspects to choose from. Your Extended Setup Phrase might look like this:. I was already nervous, I have always been shy, I was so completely embarrassed and I felt like peeing my pants again. Even though I was only ten, it was really uncomfortable, and I wish it never happened, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Now, as we can understand, the client may get through some of this intensity on the embarrassment and switch aspects so that he is really angry with his uncle for doing that. He describes it to you like this:. I was counting on him to be on my side and help me be accepted, but instead he made me look like a loser. He should have known better.

escape from tarkov russian phrases

Even though I was really angry, maybe even furious, I deeply and completely accept myself. Remember that expanding the Setup language to include a more detailed description can help you target a specific disruption more completely and deliver faster, more thorough results.

One common mistake is using this extended format to describe an entire event, or even an entire Tabletop, in one Setup phrase.Scavengersalso known as its shorter version, Scavsare a faction in Escape from Tarkov. At the onset of active hostilities in the city, in addition to the predictable humanitarian consequences, a special trend is observed that represents a threat for both civilians and armed forces of the conflicting parties.

Due to the tense situation in the city prior to the open conflict, Tarkov has developed conditions attractive for all kinds of criminals and antisocial personalities. In addition, the development of the underworld business, especially in recent years, has encouraged the formation of a certain population stratum previously not directly associated with criminals, but, due to their moral and ethical inclinations, prone to antisocial actions in certain cases concerned with their own benefit.

Thus, at this point, the formation of groups actively engaged in looting, robbery and armed attacks can be observed in Tarkov, invariably coupled with violence against the civilian population and even military staff. The Scav groups are quite varied, have diverse ethnic, social and quantitative composition, as well as the different levels and quality of equipment and varying degrees of sustainability.

By far, three of these groups the are considered to be the most stable and organized. Namely: Y. Zhilnov group alias - Yarik, YagaB. Pashutin group alias - FiendB. Stoporenko group alias - Lawyer. Essentially, a Scav is a side character which can deliver you an entirely different gameplay experience. Equipment, weapons, place and time of Scav spawning on location are set randomly. They can be recruited by players via the Hideout.

Scavs are both AI and player controlled characters. All maps begin with Scavs already populating them, and more will arrive in waves throughout the duration of a raid. During one of these spawn waves, player controlled Scavs will join the match.

escape from tarkov russian phrases

Playing as a Scav is like playing the game without rules, one where the players can experience quite different gameplay with a focus on reckless abandon. Scav tactics change up the overall style of raid gameplay, and in most cases, complicating the lives of BEAR and USEC players, while also fighting amongst themselves.

When you just join a raid as a scav, you are neutral with all AI scavs. That means they will not shoot or react in any way. However, if you attack a scav Does not matter if AI or player you become a "traitor" and all AI scavs will become hostile.

Note: You won't become a traitor if you kill a player scav who attacked you first.Tarkov is a city in the North-West of the European part of Russia, a municipal formation subject to Norvinsk region. Distance from the main city station Tarkov station to the Finland station in St.

Petersburg is km. Population of Tarkov is In the mid 60s the site of the future city was built up by major industrial parks and enterprises manufacturing defensive instruments and radioelectronic equipment, which served as a base for establishing a closed administrative-territorial unit. The city became an important scientific and industrial center. The city is located on the eastern shore of the shallow max depth 2. The coast is covered by a ridge of dunes and hills covered in vegetation, interrupted sometimes by the river valleys and small lakes, ponds and patches of exposed moraines.

Sandy "Golden" beach up to 50 m wide. In the Paleozoic Era million years ago this whole area was covered by the sea.

escape from tarkov russian phrases

Sediments of the time — sand, sandy clay, clay with lenses of silt or peat — thickly cover with over metres powerful layer a bedrock composed of granite, gneiss and diabases. Modern relief was formed as a result of the activities of the glacier the latest Valdai glaciation that took place 12 thousand years ago.

The retreating glacier formed the Littorina sea, whose level was at m above the modern one. Valley is formed with glaciolacastine and postglacial sediments. Over the last 2. The Tarkov climate is temperate and humid, transitional from maritime to continental.

The daytime length varies from hrs on 22 December to hrs June 22nd. The city area is characterized by frequent changes of air masses due to activities of the cyclones which pass along the Gulf and that leads to great volatility of weather, especially in autumn and winter. Winters are mild, with moderately cold, mostly cloudy weather. Snow cover settles in the second half of November and lasts until mid-April.

The spring is usually late and protracted. Summers are moderately warm, with roughly equivalently interchanging sunny and rainy days. Autumn is mostly overcast and foggy. Rainfall is about mm per year, mostly in June-August.

The climate in Tarkov climate is close to that in Norvinsk. The Gulf of Finland, despite its shallowness, has some effect on the temperature profile of the city. In the summer, especially in August and September, mean air temperature is a bit higher than in Norvinsk about 0. Also, winds are generally a bit more powerful on the coast as well. Prior to the establishment of the city the area was covered with coniferous forests pine and spruce mixed with broadleaf species and lowland marshes.

At the moment, the city vicinity has preserved large conifers pine predominates interchanging with deciduous groves birch, alder, aspen, willow.

Dominated by sandy soils, on lacustrine and alluvial sands - subaerial podzolic, in conjunction with peat - podzolic-Gley soils.

The city vicinity is populated by the occasionally spotted foxes and muskrats. The city itself is a hone to large number of birds, reptiles and invertebrates. According to the population census ofTarkov had a population of persons, When you place a pre-order you automatically agree to Rules of the Game.

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Following a conflict in the area, its borders were sealed off, leaving scavengers and members of private military companies PMCs to duke it out. This is the faction your PMC will fight for. Like most looter-shooters, you have a stash to store your loot, and a flea market to sell it.

The aim of the game is to get more money, buy more containers which expand your stash size so that you can horde even more loot, and eventually escape from Tarkov coming in a later update. You equip items, load into a raid on one of the various maps in the game, and have a set amount of time to get out.

This is usually approximately forty-five minutes, give or take. You get out by reaching an extraction point. There are multiple on each map, and when you first load in the game tells you which extractions you can escape from. These extractions are always on the opposite side of the map to where you spawn, meaning that players inevitably cross paths. They are AI-controlled for the most part, and they wander around levels saying creepy Russian phrases and giggling; however, some Scavs are player-controlled.

Every twenty minutes, you can select to play as a Scav from the main menu. You will be spawned into a level of your choice with random equipment and weapons.


If you attack another Scav, player or AI, all the Scavs in that area will turn on you. There is a downside to playing as a Scav, though. You normally spawn with subpar equipment and weapons, meaning that you are at the mercy of the Tarkov gods as to how well you can defend yourself.

Saying this, as a new player you should be using your Scav every single time they are available. You might be tempted to want to play that shiny new PMC with all the fun stuff, but EFT is about money and loot at heart, and spawning in as a Scav — with no risk if you die — can yield some amazing results.

I once spawned as a Scav, shot someone in the face, and got out with 1 million roubles in loot at level 4.Gunsmith - Part 10 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. AK specifications:. Sign In. From Escape from Tarkov Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Gunsmith - Part Category : Quests. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

New languages in Escape from Tarkov

Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Quest data. I called her Lusya, the neural network, i mean. So, when I keep silent, it does well, and even reminds me to get some sleep when necessary, but as soon as I start talking to myself, it attempts to distract me, putting on music or something like that.

However, I trained it with the movies and phrases from them, apparently, such a reaction is presented to us in the movies as the most appropriate, but not for me. I'll have to think about what stimuli are the best to mimic real people, rather than society and its stereotypes. But I digress, assemble an AK now, with silencer and round mag. As for parameters: sighting range overergonomics above 66, recoil sum less thanweight 4.

escape from tarkov russian phrases

And compact, as always, 8 cells or so. Zenit PT-3 "Klassika" stock. Peacekeeper Skier. Skier Peacekeeper. Primary Arms Compact prism scope 2.