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Some time ago, I was at the annual Christmas party for the Gold Prospectors of the Rockies and had a great time. This got me thinking it might be helpful to do a review of the prospecting clubs in Colorado. Clubs have an important role in the gold prospecting community. Best deal going for cheap access to claims coming from the front range. Publishes a monthly newsletter, available for free on their website. No online forum. World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers — www.

A one year membership is free!

gpaa chapters

Has several claims available across the state for member use. Has an online forum. Meets in Loveland on the first Wednesday of the month. No claims, inexpensive to join, active group with many gold prospectors. They have several claims along the Delores River near Gateway and good knowledge of the area such as the Gunnison River and the Book Cliffs.

A real bargain with good claims access for those near Grand Junction and a very helpful, welcoming approach. Also has a Facebook page. The group covers interests in gold prospecting, metal detecting and general treasure hunting.

Club membership includes access to a claim on the San Miguel river below Placerville. Denver Mining Club- www. Meets every Monday for lunch in southwest Denver.

Speakers every week on a WIDE range of mining related topics. You can sign up to get their monthly email listing scheduled speaker via the website contact info. Charitable efforts support museums and education about mining. No claims, no forum. Like most all? Has meetings and outings. Despite their down-home image, the GPAA itself is a for-profit business.

Sadly their claims in Colorado are generally considered fairly poor so I would only join if I was planning to travel to other states where there are better claims to access.

However, Foothills Prospectors is doing quite a bit as far as both interesting meetings and outings so they are definitely worth trying out. They meet on the third Thursday each month. The group stays up to date on access and regulations in the western part of the state. This group also provides their members with access to private claims on the San Miguel River that are not part of the GPAA general access.

They enjoy spending time prospecting in both Wyoming and Colorado each year and honestly for folks in Northern CO, this can be one of the nearest options.Pictures of gold we find. Mission Statement. To provide an environment for members and any other persons interested to interact and to increase public awareness by providing education on ecologically sound methods of prospecting, small-scale mining and treasure hunting for adults, families and their children.

This includes locating, identifying and legal removal of minerals, caches and treasures while conserving the environment and natural habitat. This shall be accomplished through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training at meetings, outings and any other settings deemed appropriate by the corporation's Board of Directors and at no cost to the participants. Breaking News GPAA of Northern Nevada Reno is setup as an Educational Non Profit to that end we post information in our breaking news section on issues that affect our community in mining along with teaching the general public how to locate gold and precious metals.

We make no comment on the items posted as breaking news, we leave the comments to those affected.

072913: GPAA Membership Kit

All of the claims are bordered by some other claims that are not ours and that we do not have permission to be on to prospect. Look over the access pages concerning the claim you are planning to go to and use the GPS coordinates or claim markers to make sure you are on the correct claim. For example: If you plan to travel to our adopted claim outside of Greyeagle Ca.


Use this as a guide. If you access the claim from the dirt road before the bridge. Prospect upstream from that marker to the next marker and you will be golden.

If you access that claim by crossing the bridge and go left you will see a white claim marker in the cleared area. Stay up stream from both markers and you will be on the claim you have permission to prospect on. We are guest to that claim we have access to and as long as we stay above the claim markers placed by the owner we will be good.

And our access will continue. Yes, I received complaint concerning the claim I used as example. Of course, we all can be downstream or upstream and fish, lunch, nap so forth as it is a national forest, just not prospecting. Members active and new will be credited for a meeting back dated to March.

This months topic is How to read a Topographic Map. I contacted her and asked permission to present it to our members. She said yes.

gpaa chapters

Anyway she did a better job than I did or could so click on the button below and learn something new or refresh what you all ready know. An open house is planned from 4 to 7 p. Virginia St. A public input meeting is during the same hours on Feb. We are looking for claims in Northern Nevada and Northern California. Join our Healing our Heroes program. This program is designed to take our wounded disabled veterans and their families out to explore the great outdoors and find some gold they can keep.

We supply the equipment, lunch and a day for our veterans and their families to be in the great outdoors and just maybe a day to find gold a day they can enjoy.Wash your hands! In a gold-bearing stream, if possible. Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Artist: African Hope. We have an outing this Saturday at Day Break Park.

Access to this park is probably one of the easiest to maneuver within and the weather looks to be in our favor as well. The water is expected to be VERY cold though so dress accordingly with rubber boots or hip-waders and an extra pair of sox.

People are welcome to arrive and stay as long or short as they want to. You are responsible for your own food at this outing. Hot food will be provided at our chapter meeting on Sunday though. Equipment: The type of equipment you can use at this park varies at different times of the year. For our outing you can use Pans, sluices and any battery operated equipment. Any motorized equipment is off-limits as is dredging this time of year. I recommend bringing along a small shovel as you will be digging in an area with lots of river rock.

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Pans, Sluices, snuffer bottles, buickets are all good options to have with you. I have included directions below a link to the park website. Stay on WA for approximately 2. It is another half mile or so to Daybreak Park. The park is on both sides of the road, we will be meeting and working on the right side of the Park. Our November newsletter is now available. Click here. Please Help! Portland Gold Prospectors, Inc. A sign-up sheet was on the table at the February 16th chapter meeting.

Unfortunately, no one signed up to help. Thank you! Click here to download an info sheet. Thx, Jerry. Got any favorite gold hunting sayings? Older posts.Miner wins in Montana Water Court. Headwaters Chapter of the GPAA Rules for continuous work area of a claim: A person is allowed to mark out an area up to 10 feet by 10 feet with a sign.

The person marking the area will be allowed to work that area without interference for a period of 3 weeks, before another person can "jump the Claim". If he returns within 3 weeks he can re mark the sign for another 3 weeks. You must include your name and date on the sign. You must return to the site to clean up all old signage when the time period has expired. This is a gentleman's agreement.

This is to clarify any confustion on what is known as the "bucket rule".

gpaa chapters

This agreement was enacted on September 14 Contact Bob Lindner at All Sceduled events, including monthly meetings are postponed until further notice! President Obama has exceeded the intent of this law more than any other American president, designating or expanding 22 national monuments and locking up more than three million acres of land.

National monument designations under the Antiquities Act typically have significant consequences that negatively affect grazing rights, water rights, wildfire prevention and other land management activities.

Dear Mining Claimant: If you drive a car, truck, all-terrain vehicle, or motorcycle on lands administered by the BLM or the Forest Service in Montana or parts of North and South Dakota, you can no longer drive cross-country without authorization; you must stay on existing roads and trails.

This new direction is outlined in the final environmental impact statement EIS which addresses off-highway vehicle OHV area designation on lands managed by the two agencies. The EIS is available online at www.

Mining claimants are entitled to reasonable access and use of the surface to stake claims, perform assessment work, and conduct mechanized exploration and development under the appropriate mineral development regulations. Mineral activities that are generally considered to create minimal impact to the ground such as claim staking or geologic mapping, are now subject to the following OHV requirements.

On BLM lands, typically no notification or approval is required for casual use minimal impact operations. However, any person operating a motorized wheeled vehicle on those areas designated as limited or restricted, must conform to all terms and conditions of the applicable designation orders. Use of motorized wheeled vehicles to travel cross-country for casual use operations in areas limited or restricted requires permission by the authorized officer.

However, any mining claimant proposing to use a motorized wheeled vehicle in areas designated as limited or restricted must file a notice of intent or plan of operations and receive approval from the authorized officer prior to proceeding. Call Steve at or Earl at Click for weather forecast.We are pleased you found your way to our website.

Find out more about our association and our members and get to know us better. If you like the website or have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

Check out our news page for the latest news. Reminders of events are on the meetings page. We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month at pm at W. Main Street, Olathe, CO. At our meetings, we do club business, have discussions, presentations, and demonstrations.

GPAA Membership - 1 Year

Come early and catch Gold Fever with us. Only "Members in Good Standing" are allowed to work the private claims. To become a "Member in Good Standing" you have to attend 3 consecutive monthly meetings and help at one of the gold shows held during the year.

The term "recreational prospector" does not apply to prospecting and says to authorities you are not a serious prospector and are not covered by the mining laws. The terms you need to use to identify your activity include: small mining operator, minerals prospector, professional prospector, or any term indicating your activities are for profit not pleasure. The Community Center in Olathe is now open so we will be able to have our meeting once again.

We are always looking for other ways to promote our club. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or use our contact form. Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed, or are you just contented that your name is on the list? So come to the local meetings often, and help with hand and heart. Don't be just a member, but take an active part. Think this over folks, you know what is right or wrong.

Are you just a member. Are you interested in becoming a member but still have some questions? For more information, use our contact form. I will have on site all necessary permits and licenses. I will not prospect in areas closed to prospecting and mining. I will respect other prospectors' claims and not work claims without owners' permission.

I will fill in my prospecting holes. I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, fisheries, and. I will be thoughtful, considerate, and courteous to those around me at all times. I will only build fires in designated or safe places and in accordane with current federal.In addition to receiving your kit, you also gain access to the hundreds of claims provided by the GPAA. Our claims span across the United States.

That means there's probably one or more claims near you. The Mining Guide, provided to you in your new membership kit, gives details about each claim so you can get and get started prospecting. The first thing you will receive in the mail is your membership kit. The membership kit comes with everything you need to start prospecting including a 14" gold pan, Mining Guide and instructional DVDs.

Below is a break down of the items to help you find be successful at gold prospecting:. Our kit will get you started, but the true power of a GPAA membership comes from our claims.

gpaa chapters

Claims give you a legal place to mine. We have hundreds of claims across the entire United States. Most of our claims have good gold bearing potential while others can give you access to other elements such as gems. Our Mining Guide gives detailed information about each claim including topographic data, directions and what minerals and metals to expect.

The GPAA has a large and thriving chapter base. Chapters are congregations of like minded people, in this case, gold prospectors. Chapters and chapter events are the backbone of what makes the mining community great. They are a place for new comers to learn more about prospecting and old timers to prospect with their friends.

Our organization is proud to support the local chapters by providing them with tools and helping them promote their events. By becoming a member, you also help support your local chapters and the gold prospecting community. We urge all of our new members to seek out their local chapter as chapters are a great place for learning about gold mining from the best kind of people - those who are passionate and have done it for years. You have just found the largest prospecting organization in the world.

Access to Claims In addition to receiving your kit, you also gain access to the hundreds of claims provided by the GPAA. What Do I Get? Below is a break down of the items to help you find be successful at gold prospecting: 14" Gold Pan.

Your first and primary tool in finding gold. Your gold pan will help you seperate the gold from the mud. Our gold pans also are specially designed to help you keep more gold while you pan. Instructional DVD.

This video will help you season your pan and prepare for mining. You'll learn everything you need to make your first experience with prospecting a profitable one. Mining Guide. The mining guide is your one stop source for information. It provides geographic information and tells you what signs to look for when searching for gold. It also provides detailed information about each claim including turn-by-turn directions and what to expect when you get to the claim.

Snuffer Bottle. After panning the materials out, you'll want to quickly and accurately extract the gold you've found from the pan. The snuffer bottle quickly and easily allows you to extract the gold flakes from your pan. Gold Prospectors Magazine. Learn more about new trends and equipment to make you a more effective prospector. Our publication provides great information about mining - past and present.Website Updates are in Process — If you have trouble getting to the forums please use the link below:.

Founded in March Are you interested in Gold Prospecting and Treasure hunting? You are welcome to join. Come to a few meetings and see how you like us. As of JanuaryEBP has put a dues system in place to help us cover some expected major expenses coming our way due to road repair issues that hamper access to 5 of our claims. In the past we had been a dues free club and hope to return to that if we can.

East Bay Prospectors is dedicated to providing education, support and increased public awareness of prospecting and mining, while maintaining responsible environmental conservation. Our purpose is to educate and support individual participants, groups, organizations and anybody else interested in the ecologically sound practices of gold prospecting, small scale gold mining for profit and treasure hunting.

These purposes will be accomplished through training and education concerning the locating and legal removal of minerals and treasures while preserving wildlife habitat and the environment where these activities occur. Training and education shall be accomplished through demonstrations, lectures, meetings or field outings at any location deemed appropriate by the board of directors and club members including public lands where we can or have gained ownership of the mineral rights.

Main You are here: Home. Important Updates. Welcome to the East Bay Prospectors Site:. Mission Statement.