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People love shows about home improvement. How do we know? Incredibly, Nielsen estimates that a whopping Clearly, people want to know more about paint samples and fabric swatches! While the recent surge in HGTV's popularity cannot be denied, we can't forget about some of the earlier, now-cancelled shows that helped pave the way for the network's current success.

These defunct titles combined charismatic hosts with inventive home improvement ideas to captivate audiences and bring in the ratings. When thinking about old classic shows, who can forget Room by Room? After all, it was the very first series to air on HGTV! Hosted by Matt and Shari, it aws account type professional vs personal the record for longest-running decorating program after being on the air for an impressive 14 years.

In addition to the show's regular episodes, the pair became known for their one-hour long specials focusing on specific topics, locations, and special occasions. Matt and Shari endeared themselves to viewers around the world as they pioneered the format and became the first decorating interventionists to visit a real person's home. While tackling real-life problems, they showed us how to complete a design project from start to finish and are probably responsible for inspiring countless do-it-yourself renovations across the country.

Each and every season, he has faced unbelievable drama among the contestants while helping the bachelor or bachelorette navigate some pretty dicey situations. How did he become such an effective peacemaker, you ask?

The series featured homeowners who had to choose between concepts created by three different designers. The appeal of the half-hour show was watching the chosen designer see a space, come up with ideas for interior design, and then go through the whole decision-making process to bring the project to life.

hgtv tv shows

It was houghton mifflin science grade 4 study guide answer key Highlight: Being inspired to take on our own interior design projects after watching an episode or two!

Having a garden is one of those things that many of us dream about but, often, have no idea where to start. Walking through the aisles and seeing the many types of soil, seed, and accessories can be intimidating except when it comes to choosing a cute apron — that's too easy!

There was just something about host, Paul James', face and calming tone of voice that was reassuring. In just 30 minutes, he shared his down-to-earth tips for transforming an ordinary backyard into a blossoming garden.

hgtv tv shows

James didn't just focus on aesthetics either. He also shed light on potential problem areas such as poor light, pests, and irrigation. It was empowering! Many a homeowner turned to Decorating Cents and the advice of host, Joan Steffend, when trying to transform a space on a budget. It really felt like the show had a suggestion or solution for almost every situation.

No problem was too big for Joan! How incredible is that?! Her inventive interventions included ideas for rearranging existing furniture or giving it an affordable faceliftrepurposing items, and introducing some decorative flair by adding accessories.

Best of all, Digital wellbeing made you feel like you were listening to advice from an old friend.

The show featured a rotating group of interior design experts, and Gorder stood out for being creative, reasonable, and perfectly capable of transforming a room while working barefoot!Our New Streaming Service. Start Free Trial.

Unsellable Houses. Season 1 Is Available. Stream From The Start.

50 best HGTV shows of all time

Holmes and Holmes. Watch Now. Farmhouse Fixer. Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House. Love It or List It. Rock The Block. Catch up on Season 1.

The Truth About Joanna Gaines

Home Town. Catch Up On Season 4. Stream The Latest Episode. Everything But the House. Sign In. The teams get down and dirty when renovating the main bedroom and bath.

hgtv tv shows

Ben and Erin help their boss make Laurel, MS, her permanent address. Dick and Angel turn the carriage house into a modern home for her parents. Escape to the Chateau. Lara's team helps a couple bring in the big bucks for their food pantry.

Lara's team helps a mom turn collectibles into cash for her move to Aruba. A Texas girl relocates for a new relationship in Cardwell, Australia. House Hunters International. A couple looks for a larger suburban home to start a family in Denver. House Hunters. Nicole creates living space for a couple their shares a home with Grandma. Rehab Addict Rescue. A Washington family uproots for a business opportunity in Portugal.

Jon and Kristina use color and whimsical wallpaper transform an home. After selling their townhouse, a couple searches for a new home in Atlanta. Leanne becomes "creatively confused" with a cottage for her sister-in-law. Home Again with the Fords. Page struggles to choose a winner as the duos tackle the living spaces. Frozen in Time: Flashback. A heat wave grips the Chateau, so Dick builds a boat to cruise the moat.There are channels about sports, wildlife, crime, and news—but nothing quite relates to avid television-watchers like Home and Garden Television —except maybe the Food Network.

Everyone watching the channel is likely to either own or rent a home, and often has a garden or a yard. What kind of houses are people buying?

How can I do that? Even if the viewer decides not to do anything quite as dramatic to their home, they can still live vicariously through the buyers, sellers, designers, and contractors featured on screen. Many of the shows in the next slides may sound increasingly redundant—yet shows with identical premises, but different main characters, receive similar praise.

So it may not just be the houses, after all. See where your favorite vintage show ranks among newcomers, or find out just how many times the Scott brothers made this list.

You just may find some inspiration for your own home. This show is one of a few on HGTV that's taking downsizing to the next level. The criteria: each home must be less than square feet, and it has to be able to move with them.

HGTV Announces 16 New Series Will Air in 2021

The tiny house movement can be hard to adjust to, and not every house hunter is up for the challenge. From their very public divorce to their new dating lives, every detail surrounding this couple has been scrutinized. Nevertheless, they continued to flip houses on TV together. In a crossover with the DIY channel, these Texans quite literally pick up and move entire homes to the property of their choice.

Hilary Farr wants the homeowners of each episode to remodel and fall back in love with their space, but David Visentin wants them to sell and move into a new home. And yes, there are multiple options for sale all over the world. Depending on the location, the budgets may be surprising. Before HGTV was all home-buying and house-flipping, its s programming was filled with interior design shows.

Get ready for a series of unbelievable properties, and the eccentric people who buy them. The younger pair, Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot, had their success recently stunted by a shocking lawsuit. Watch as they choose between three potential homes, then work to renovate it to their liking. Instead of flipping homes, teams compete to flip items they find at flea markets. The series ended inwith season one contestant David Bromstad as the final host.

The show ended inwith John Gidding as the last host. This show centers around one realty firm in Hawaii that helps people move to Hawaii—no matter their budget. If just the room is a million dollars, imagine the cost of the house. This show explores luxury spaces in homes, hotels, and even nightclubs. The prices of these homes surprise the homebuyers and the viewers as well.

hgtv tv shows

This makes the perfect recipe for buying a new dream home. Each house is an average of only square feet. Another spinoff, another couple and another location.Happy ! New subscribers or anyone testing the waters with the seven-day free trial will be able to stream all of their favorite shows, including Home Town, Fixer Upper, and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, plus new shows from beloved stars like Chip and Joanna Gaines and Erin and Ben Napier.

A post shared by Erin Napier erinapier. You can also take advantage of a free seven-day promo before you take the plunge.

HGTV TV shows: canceled or renewed?

We know it's only January, but this might be the best decision you make all year! Okay, first of all, to answer the question on everyone's mind: Yes, you'll be able to watch several exciting new shows from the king and queen of home renovations, Chip and Joanna Gaines! Erin recently shared that they're still filming these episodes, so they don't have an air date just yet.

In the meantime, you can catch Ben aka "Big", as Erin calls him! As excited as we are for new content, sometimes there's nothing like cuddling up on the couch to watch reruns of our old HGTV standbys, like the original Fixer Upper and Home Town.

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Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Hunting Vintage. Ultimate Pools Unsellable Houses. You Live In What? Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House 6am 5c. Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House 7am 6c.

Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House 8am 7c. Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House 9am 8c. Nate and Jeremiah: Save My House 10am 9c. Holmes and Holmes 11am 10c. Holmes and Holmes 12pm 11c. Holmes and Holmes 1pm 12c. Holmes and Holmes 2pm 1c. Holmes and Holmes 3pm 2c. Love It or List It 4pm 3c. Love It or List It 5pm 4c. Love It or List It 7pm 6c. Unsellable Houses 8pm 7c. Unsellable Houses pm c. Unsellable Houses 9pm 8c.

House Hunters 10pm 9c. House Hunters International pm c.The network announced an impressive 16 new series that have been greenlit to air albeit three of these will just run a pilot episode for now. In the upcoming year, we can expect to see a lot of new faces as well as some familiar ones! Without further ado, here is a peek into HGTV's brand new show lineup for Note: Many of these show titles are not final and are subject to change.

Home Again with the Fords is a spin-off of Restored by the Fordswhich stars sibling duo and home reno experts Leanne and Steve Ford. In this new series, Leanne and Steve will specifically focus on helping clients update their childhood homes into beautiful spaces, all while making sure to preserve the home's nostalgic elements. A post shared by HGTV hgtv. Everything but the House will star Flea Market Flip' s Lara Spencer as she and her and her team of seasoned appraisers help families clean up their homes by finding and auctioning off items of value.

This show was originally announced inbut had not made it to air. Then, they'll use their profit to purchase and overhaul a new place to create a forever home. In this series, he'll lend his passion for real estate and design to help self-made millionaires find the home of their dreams.

This show was intially announced in earlybut was shelved, until now. British interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen will help lottery winners find and buy their perfect home in the United Kingdom and Europe.

This series will follow adult children who still live with mom and dad as they venture out on their first house hunting expedition. Life Under Renovation will follow five families from across the country as they attempt to build their dream homes. Each episode will capture the unique stories and challenges behind the personalized renovations.

In Unfinished Business, builder Tom Reber will help families finish their abandoned home projects. A post shared by Mike Pyle mikepyledesign. Inside Out will follow interior designer Carmine Sabatellaand landscape designer Mike Pyleas they battle each other to balance client priorities and budgets to make houses beautiful from the inside out.

A post shared by Full Circle Homes jennyatfullcirclehomes. This series will feature some of America's oldest houses.

History buff Mike Lemieuxcarpenter Rich Soaresand designer Jen Macdonald will team up to save centuries-old properties from demolition in Plymouth, Massachusetts. A post shared by Mary Welch Fox Design marywelchfoxdesign. During each episode, she'll work with clients to create a truly unique and personalized space that shys away from traditional design. This series will follow New York-based designer Taylor Spellman as she transforms unsold homes into must-have properties.

Spellman and her team will create personalized design plans for these lagging listings and make them market ready all within a reasonable budget. While Courtney works on overhauling the main space, Leslie will work with the homeowners on DIY projects at a fraction of the cost.Dave and Jenny Marrs embrace small-town America by renovating classic homes in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Ty Pennington is back! This time he's helping families decide if they should overhaul their homes or move on. See today's TV Schedule to see what's on tonight. One person's trash is another's treasure and HGTV star Lara Spencer knows that sometimes junk can be worth its weight in gold.

The competition's fierce, and the prize is big. Get to know the eight selected contestants on Design Star: Next Gen! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll drool at Leanne and Steve's epic renovations. After 25 years of renovations, Jonathan shows us how it's done in his new show, Farmhouse Fixer.

Jasmine Roth is coming back to the rescue of homeowners and would-be DIY'ers who've gotten in over their heads on home renovatio …. And we've got more Home Town news too! Premiering Friday, Jan. Season 10 is in the works! HGTV fans can look forward to 15 new episodes of the highly popular series featuring the SoCal house-fl …. In an extraordinary and challenging time — and especially during this holiday season — HGTV is a warm and welcoming destination fo ….

Revisit the suburban split-level ranch — now available for purchase — that Erin and Ben Napier transformed into an upscale neighbo …. Go behind the scenes at HGTV with your favorite show and host news, delivered straight to your inbox. Privacy Policy. New Episodes! TV Schedule. Home Town: Cabin Song 45 Photos. Brother Vs. For starters, he's taller than you might have thought. Did you know he worked at Disney? The designer has been a part of six different shows, but that's just the beginning.

Get to know the designer from Home Again With the Fords a little better. His design talents extend to his incredible personal style. This time, designers are competing as teams for twice the intensity.

The design competition show got a renovation you won't want to miss. Fixer to Fabulous 5k Sweepstakes Oct 27, Load More. One of a Kind. A Very Brady Renovation. Home Town. A House With History 27 Photos.