How to activate uber driver account

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Activating your Uber for Business profile

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I have my account Permanently Deactivated. Thread starter zain Start date Feb 12, Hi guys, I'm new to Uber and signed up just 8 days ago. I wasn't aware of Uber policy for cancellation rate that I cancelled so many rides that were far. Everytime, I messaged the rider and if he told that he want to go far away then I cancelled.

Also, I kept Uber online all the day long even when I wasn't doing any work and didn't took this seriously. I have completed 24 trips with rating 4. About 2 days ago I saw a notification that my account has been Permanently Deactivated due to Fraudulent Activity. Before this I haven't received any kind of warning nor notice through email, sms or in app. I was just shocked. Then I contacted my local support team through app and they told me this is permanent deactivation and irreversible.

I told them that I wasn't aware of cancellation policy. I just done all this mistakenly not intentionally. But they came with same answer. I want some help that what should I do Now. Tell me what should I do next and what do you think will they reactivate my account or not?You never want to think about your Uber account getting deactivated. There are a variety of ways your Uber account can get deactivated, and in some cases, you may not even know why your account was deactivated.

A sure way to get your account deactivated is by delivering poor service to Uber passengers. Over time, giving sub-par service to customers will diminish your overall driver ratings.

Once you fall below this threshold, your driver account will be deactivated. A cancellation occurs when you accept a trip and then decide to cancel.

how to activate uber driver account

This is not encouraged by Uber and is tracked with your cancellation rate. Similar to your driver rating, every city has a maximum cancellation rate that you need to stay below.

If your cancellation rate is approaching this threshold, Uber will send you several notifications. However, once you surpass this maximum cancellation rate, you risk the chance of getting your driver account deactivated. When you pass up on trips and decline many trip requests, your acceptance rate will suffer.

If your rate falls below a certain threshold for your area, your account may be deactivated. If you toe the line in any way, you risk the chance of having your driver account canceled.

This could include physical contact with a rider, operating with drugs or alcohol in your system, contacting riders after the trip is over, using inappropriate or abusive language, discrimination, or violating the firearms ban within Uber vehicles. Depending on how serious the offense is, you can either receive a warning or have your driver account permanently canceled. This background check covers your criminal and vehicle records. If you fail any of these random background checks, your account will be deactivated.

This includes never try to game the system for your own benefit. So what makes up unacceptable and fraudulent activity? As long as you avoid some of these shady practices, you should be fine. If Uber discovers that you provided false personal information, then your account can immediately be deactivated. Likewise, if you are picking passengers up in a different vehicle, a damaged vehicle, or a car with the wrong license plate, you also risk getting deactivated.

Uber reserves the right to cancel your partner account at any time and for any reason β€” no questions asked. If your driver account has been temporarily or permanently deactivated for any reason, you have an opportunity to reach out to Uber and dispute your deactivation. However, an incident is minor in nature, you can appeal the decision directly with Uber.

Those who were temporarily banned from the Uber driver app due to high cancellation rates, low ratings, or low acceptance rates, may be required to take a quality improvement course before being reactivated.

If you have more questions or would like to talk to an Uber representative directly, you can contact Uber customer service. Opening up your Uber app to hail a ride only to find out your account has been deactivated is quite a pain. How are you going to get to where you have to go β€” do you have to quickly set up a Lyft account?

how to activate uber driver account

Here are some of the reasons why your Uber rider account can be deactivated and how you can avoid situations like these. Uber not only wants to protect its riders, but it also ensures that its drivers are able to drive in safe conditions. If you violate any of these rules and cross the line in any way, you can be kicked off the Uber platform.

Unsafe behavior can include physical contact with a driver, bringing drugs or alcohol into the vehicle, contacting drivers after the trip is over, using inappropriate or abusive language, discrimination, breaking any laws, or violating the firearms ban within Uber vehicles.

If a driver reports any damage that you caused, you may either be charged a fee, banned from the Uber app, or both. Fraudulent activity in any form is unacceptable on the Uber platform.

Those who partake in this activity run the risk of having their account deactivated. Examples of unacceptable activity include disputing fares, falsifying your personal information in any way, abusing promotional discounts, colluding with drivers for personal gain, or having duplicate accounts.

If you break these guidelines, your account could be deactivated at any time.The safety and well-being of everyone using the Uber platform is our top priority, and our Support teams are working to help everyone who needs it. Click here for more details. Show menu Help Return to the landing page. We're here to help. How can we help? The activation process usually takes 1 to 7 days. The time required varies for each city. The first step is to send your personal document, that is, the definitive and valid CNH with observation "Exercise Paid Activity".

Once your document is submitted, our team will review and approve it. This stage usually takes 1 to 3 business days. When your document is approved, we begin the security verification process.

This is the most time consuming step of the activation process and usually takes 7 days to complete. In some cases, this process may take longer, but you will be notified by email or phone if you are in this situation. Make sure you enter the vehicle document, the valid Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate. With the approved safety check and the approved vehicle document you are ready to drive.This guide explains why drivers get deactivated, how to avoid it, and what to do to get your account reactivated.

Instead, when you try to log into the driver app or go online you may see messages like these:. Typically those messages mean that your account has been disabled and you will not be able to sign on and accept ride requests. See your account status at partners. If you are deactivated from UberEATS deliveries, you are not automatically deactivated from Uber ridesharing services.

It is possible that a deactivation from EATS due to fraud or other serious issues could cause you to be deactivated from all Uber services, but not every deactivation from EATS will automatically trigger a deactivation from other Uber services.

However, this only impacts your ability to accept and complete delivery trips. If you are active on any rides service, you can still complete trips there. Uber may log you out of the app if you fail to accept several ride requests.

Keep in mind that you can still be deactivated for a high cancellation rate. So if you accept and then cancel too many rides, you may be deactivated. Uber occasionally asks drivers to take a selfie photo before logging into the app to confirm that the person logging in is the owner of the account.

To prevent your selfie from being rejected, make sure your profile picture has clear lighting and is taken from a straight-on angle no high or low angles. For test selfies, make sure your camera lens is clean, then take the photo in clear lighting while keeping the phone at the same height as your face. One good way to directly message Uber about your deactivation is to open the driver app. If you believe you were deactivated due to expired documentsgo to partners.

If there are, update the document. Be patient β€” it could take days or weeks to get a response that explains the full situation. Stick to the facts. Stay calm and make sure all of your messages are polite. In some situations, you can reactivate your driver account if you correct the issue that got you deactivated and diligently follow up with Uber via email or in person.

Uber can be a slow moving machine, so be patient but stay persistent and email every few days. Typically a support agent can reactivate you on the spot once they verify your document. After you complete the class, you can upload the certificate at help. Your odds of success are low, but from personal experience and the experiences of readers, this approach can work.Uber is the app that creates a platform for passengers and drivers, to book cab or taxi on mobile phones.

If the account of Uber is disabled. Re-activation of your UBER account will rely upon various variables β€” the central issue is, the reason would it say it was deactivated in any case? The reasons may be:. If your Uber account disabled on the basis of fraud you can only imagine about the reactivation. There are very fewer chances of your account being deactivated.

To recover your account, you have to explain the situation to the Uber customer support by email at support uber. See here, How to contact Uber Customer Services? If they are convinced, your account will be reactivated. There are some tips to reactivate your account.

After receiving and confirming OTP, you need to tap on forget password option. Now the password reset link will be sent to your email ID. Then change the password. Now open the app, and log in with the username and password and tap on the three-line menu at the top. Sometimes problem can be solved by, leaving your account idle for two months and after that sign up using the same number, your account will be reactivated.

I have my account Permanently Deactivated

In conclusion, Uber is very strict when it comes to banning accounts. So the best way to avoid disabling is to maintain your bank account, email address, and other details only for your account. If you want to reactivate your Uber account that has been disabled, you have to install the Uber app again.

The app will ask you to enter your personal details, in order to access your account on Uber back. You will see the black colored logo of the official Uber app.Click here to request a re-send of the invite. Step 1. Check if activation has been successful or not.

Launch the app to ride. Sign in using your personal rider profile details - email or mobile number Pro tip: For an easier set up - plug in your email address. Enter your Uber rider account password. Forgot password? Wondering if you can toggle profiles in between your trip?

Yes you can! Category: Uber for Business. Uber Blog. Uber for Business. Location icon Toggles the location overlay. Become a driver with Uber Drive With Uber. Getting set-up is easy Few quick tips before you begin, that can ease the process for you Have the Uber app installed on your mobile device.

Are you a new rider? If you are activating through a web-sign in, follow the below steps. How to check if your account is activated. How to add a payment method. Common activation related FAQs. I forgot my password Click on this link to reset your password. For further queries visit our help centre Still need help? Drop your number here to request a call back. Click here to know more. Make your updates and click save. Write in to business-support uber.

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how to activate uber driver account

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