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1999 Skidoo Mach 1 700

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ski doo mach 1

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ski doo mach 1

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Skidoo Snowmobile Track Fitment Guide

Rim Diameter. Tire Sizes Explained. Tire Width. Harley Tires back. Exhaust finder. Harley Exhaust back. Helmets back. Apparel back. Featured Harley Brands View All back. Shop by Discount back. View Results Categories Accessories 3. Covers 1. Covers - Universal 1. Hitches 2. Hitch 2. Body In model year we look at high-powered stretch track sleds as the hot set up for uneven snow conditions. As the top of the line Ski-Doo hot rod of the early s, the Mach 1 came with a new to the trail Rotax twin.

Measuring cc in displacement from a bore and stroke of 76mm x 68mm, the Mach 1 engine evolved from the successful twin. In fact, the came to be known euphemistically as the long strokewhich had been raced the previous season in Formula III events. This enjoyed all the benefits of the but with a longer stroke that enhanced its power by 10 percent over the base On paper and doing the math, since the generated a reported horsepower and the was 10 percent stronger, it would pump out about horses at revs.

Since the long stroke engine offered more midrange torque, the Mach 1 became more than a high performance racer wannabe model as Ski-Doo marketing gurus decided to enhance the platform and expand the model line to include a long track version. By adding a inch long Kevlar reinforced rubber track underneath the Mach 1, Ski-Doo marketers felt they could gain more top-end buyers who wanted the performance and on-trail comfort of this new X-Tra Traction and Comfort XTC edition.

Suspension travel measured less than 6-inches front and rear in the high-performance Mach 1 series. Creating the Mach 1 XTC model required more than simply adding a longer track. The XTC went with wider 5. There was also the ability to add electric start to the Mach 1 XTC, which would add versatility.

ski doo mach 1

With the extra length, the XTC was fitted with a modified two-up seat that blended in with the styled wraparound rear cargo rack, which doubled as passenger handgrips. Think of this two-up being more for occasional than serious long distance riding in the way a modern sport bike offers a passenger pillion.

Serious two-up travelers would go for the traditional touring sled models, but it did allow the marriage partner the out of being able to take the family along. Yeah, right! Before the Mach 1 XTC made it to Ski-Doo dealer showrooms, Bombardier conducted serious consumer research and borrowed technology from its Formula 1 twin track racing sleds.

The Mach 1 reflects input from real world snowmobilers, which resulted in a new style handlebar. Ski-Doo engineers felt that the new style enabled riders to steer more with their shoulders than their forearms, allowing improvements in both handling and maneuverability. But they also desired more choice and a smaller, sport-styled version became available as well.

There were available tint and clear versions. Twenty years ago performance suits were styled in black leather. Even the Mach 1 styling resulted from consumer input. Performance riders demanded a strong sense of power and speed, which equated to the color black.

The theme carried from nose to mudflap with an aggressive graphics package in red and silver. Racing thematics showed up in the form of wind-tunnel testing to hone the aerodynamic hood and assist in placing the front duct work to cool underhood components. These naca ducts invite airflow with minimal exterior surface disruption and have been used in fighter jets and NASCAR racers for many years.

The previous season, Ski-Doo Formula III driver Wayne Nicholsen used a cc prototype engine to power him to seven wins and two seasonal championships.

The claimed result was to increase low end torque for strong acceleration and midrange performance while maintaining consistent top end speed. Since this was the era of big carbs and heavy-thumb throttles, the Mach 1 utilized the Ski-Doo engineered progressive action throttle that allowed light pull up to about half throttle before going all in to the wide open throttle position. The system worked well in most cases and seemed well suited to the XTC models, whose riders may have been a bit less aggressive than the short track Mach 1 crowd.

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Although styled with a racer theme, the suspension systems were average at best. The Progressive Reaction Suspension systems front and rear were okay for the times, but when you look at the maximum allowed travel of 5. The PRS front end had a ski stance of about three feet from its unique trailing arm design.COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search.

What Tires Should You Use? American Snowmobiler Gear. American Snowmobiler Back Issues. American Snowmobiler Calendar. Login or Register Customer Service. New central-outlet pipes on this sophomore motor pick up the power at a lower engine speed. By AmSnow staff December 1, Before the model year, the Ski-Doo faithful had had to make do with the well-proven twin if they wished to stay in the class.

While it was lighter than the triples and offered plenty of torque in the low-and mid-range, the twin motor just didn't have the top end snort to keepup with the other muscle sleds down the stretch or across the lake. To relievethe situation, Ski-Doo unveiled the cc Rotax Triple in its Mach 1 last season, to a reasonably solid response. We had the opportunity to run a Mach 1 in the American Snowmobiler Shoot Out last December and we were fairly impressed with the freshman motor.

ski doo mach 1

At the eighth, the Mach was both quicker and faster than the competition, posting The next closest sled was over 3. Our Dealer Prep runs offered little improvementover the Box Stock, but it was still quicker to the eighth- and the quarter-mile marks than the competition. On last year's Shoot Out dyno runs, we found a class-leading This year our dyno testers ran a '98 Mach 1 with the central outlet pipes and found significantly more power at a lower rpm,and they didn't have to work too hard to find it.

A generous rpm band delivers power over the hp mark. The Mach 1 will be stretching armswith almost 90 foot pounds of torque as low as rpm.

But speed and power aren't the only things that impressed our dyno guys. Finding additional power in the Mach 1 shouldn't be too difficult Daly speculated. It hits its power at a pretty low rpm, and that usually indicates that tuners will be able to find a few horses by raising the engine speed in conjunctionwith a new set of end outlet pipes.

There's also a possibility for improving the airflow on this sled to give it more power. All in all, I'd guess wewill see around an eight to 10 hp gain from the aftermarket.

FUEL: Actual fuel flow pounds per hour. H2O: Water temperature in degrees F. Want to leave a comment? Only registered members of AmSnow. Registration is FREE and only takes a couple minutes. Login or Register now. Most recent Oldest to newest.That's funny, here was his reply when I asked him about it: "it is a mach 1x OMG, on floor crying now, does this for a living?

Hopefully doesn't support his family with wrong answers, lol, 91 Mach 1x with cc, ok I'll buy it right now That's what I'm lookin for Mach 1 X. What makes it an X?

I want to know if it is for real. Twin big volumne pipes, twin 44mm Mikuni's, cc motor, front stabilizers bars, 3 holed air box and fast, lol Good find, it should say Mach 1X right on the hood decal also Specifically, the bulkhead area, which has substandard chrome-moly.

Like This Unlike jetjock 28 Apr Thanks for the replys. It is not an X model after all. Darn it. I talked to that guy for a while. He confirmed it was not an X. He confirmed that it is not an X. Like This Unlike johnniev57 03 May That's funny, here was his reply when I asked him about it: "it is a mach 1x If it's the one I'm thinking of not real far from me I stayed away, as it was not adding up right off the bat.

If it was right it would probably be in my garage! Anyone have a link? Like This Unlike johnniev57 03 May Not on ebay active any longer Like This Unlike 58kafer 03 May Not on ebay active any longer Yeah I looked, even checked CL for it as usually you can find an old ad thru Google.

Was it black with a single pipe IIRC. Well anyway it doesn't matter really. Yes Sir. Seems like most had that on the engine tag. Share Share. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search. What Tires Should You Use? American Snowmobiler Gear. American Snowmobiler Back Issues. American Snowmobiler Calendar. Login or Register Customer Service.

By AmSnow staff October 1, Call it Ski-Doo's Formula Fast. Call it a continuing step in the evolutionary development of "Ski-Dooing" which we first encountered in the mid-'60s. It has a supple and plush new suspension. It has a full coverage - from handlebar post to rear bumper - cushioned seat. It has an evolutionary rotary valved, liquid-cooled twin cylinder engine with snowmobiling's first production variable exhaust port system. It has a unique two-stage thumb throttle which is impressively simple and, yet, extremely clever and efficient.

Yep, we like the new Mach One. What we like best is the ride and performance combination. Leave it in and you Bomber pilots who have been waiting patiently for the Quebec company to unveil its top line performer will be delighted. Is it the measure of the Wildcat and Indy? We don't honestly know. Our best guess is that the Mach One is in the ballpark. In Valcourt last year we overheard technicians telling foreign distributors that the Rotax rocket was faster than one, but not as fast as the other on ice.

In snow the situation reversed. Just bet that in some corner of the snowbelt, there will be a couple of Mach Ones that can tear an Indy and a Wildcat a new exhaust port or two! The new Formula Mach One comes with a bigger rotary-valved Rotax engine than last year's top gun Plus. It also has a few more tricks up its exhaust system, namely the RAVE system. Adjustable exhaust valving isn't new, of course, Yamaha has enjoyed success with its Yamaha Power Valve System equipped two-strokes for years.

The concept is new to consumer snowmobiles, although Ski-Doo has brought out an occasional RAVE-equipped racing engine in the past. The RAVE system is very noticeable. You'll see a bell-like housing near the exhaust ports.

It's a clue to the system's inner workings. Simply, there is a guillotine slide sitting in the exhaust port. Under normal conditions it hangs down, effectively reducing the size of the exhaust port and letting the engine provide a wide band of power at low and mid-range speeds.

It is said that the engine delivers up to 50 percent more power at the low end - we gather that to mean 50 percent more than a non-RAVE engine. As engine revs increase and exhaust pressures build, a passage diverts some of the pressure to a diaphragm in the bell-shaped housing. The slide is forced upward, increasing the port size and effectively allowing the rotary-valved engine to churn out a strong top end.

Translated as top speed. The system allows engine tuners to lessen the compromises they would have to make otherwise between low end, mid-range and top end performance levels.Like This Unlike 30 Nov i was just wondering what to expect out of my mach? Like This Unlike 01 Dec thanks thats more h. It will consistently hit mph. Perfect conditions will push it a little higher, I clocked on the gps last year on a snow packed lake. I've heard of other models with the being faster. I thought HP was closer tobut I like to hear better.

I used to go one jet size smaller in mild weather, but to play it safe I dont bother anymore. Didn't make that much difference. Didn't notice any gas savings, and this sled has always pulled hard in warm weather. The can is controvertial, some people say that they actually rob top end, especially with stock clutching. I can believe that after reading up on the way exhaust gas pressures work. Every spring I promise myself I'll play with the clutches and put the old muffler back in to see what I can get it to do.

But when I go out to do base line runs, it beats 's off the line and still hits mph no problem, so I just keep leaving it alone. Cant beat that on a 10 year old sled. The sound and feel of the can is well worth 2 or 3 mph. The best thing you can do for the sled, is if you have a stock track, get rid of it and put in a new 1" lug track.

Hole shot is night and day, and most new tracks are lighter than they were in ' Like This Unlike 01 Dec i have a 1. Like This Unlike 01 Dec i believe the guy i bought it from did some work to the clutch.

You might get cooties. Reality is he'll likely pull away on the lake unless you do a lot of work. And even then you'll have to sacrifice something else. It is fun to be faster than your buddies and it's good to brag, but there's always someone somewhere thats faster.