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Classic Unertl Scopes. Unertl scopes from the s and 60s era were probably the prominent target scope made in that era. They would produce target scopes from the 8 power to 24 powers, and I considered them a great line of target scopes. I had the pleasure of shooting a few Remington 40x target rifles and also a few Winchester 52 target rifles that were mounted with the Unertl target scopes.

I had two Remington model 40x target guns with 24 power scopes that a gentleman brought into our shop in Northeast Pennsylvania for us to sell. They were both from the s era and were in really top notch condition. I remember taking one of those two Remington rifles to my in-laws farm and shooting squirrels and chipmunks with those rifles.

Because the guns were so heavy there was absolutely no recoil and with the 24 power scopes the squirrels looked like the size of bears in the scope. I could shoot math olympiad online training watch everything that happened.

You could litterly shoot the toes off those squirrels.

REVIEW - Unertl, US Optics, Vortex Razor HD - SNIPER 101

Shooting those guns was an experience I will never forget and it was quite enjoyable. Unertl scopes are still very usable today and can be a good investment especially if you can find them mounted on the Remington 40x or Winchester 52 target rifles.

Those combinations are great for taking your kids out and teaching them how to shoot. It would be a very pleasurable experience for them and yourself as well. One of the drawbacks with the Unertl optics is how it had an effect on the collectability of certain firearms.

They were very long and because of the length of the scope many gunsmiths of that era would drill and tap holes for the scope mount into the barrel by the rear sight. It did not happen often but you do see them that way from time to time.

Some of the nice Winchester pre 70s in 22 hornet or swift would have this style mount installed and it does affect the guns value. But they would not be as desirable as the target scopes in that period. I do not remember many Unertl hunting scopes coming thru the shops I worked in over the years. Not many were made. The best way to buy a Unertl scope is when it is already installed on a classic firearm.

They just give the firearm a very distinct look that only adds to the firearms character. Just keep an eye on the mounting of the scope and that no extra holes are added to the rifle.Last night I got thinking about Unertl again after a friend asked me something about those old beauties and remembered some years ago there was a forum discussion some where or other about what happened.

As usual with most gun forums, few of the poster new much about much and were posting all kinds of BS about Unertl and US Optics which did some shady stuff after Unertl went into limbo and got sued for their troubles irrespective of what you may hear otherwise until most unexpectedly John R Unertl himself popped up to set the record straight.

I saved his comments as they were a peak into the history of a legendary firearms industry company. No need anyway. I have the authority to discuss the intimate details of this since I AM the last John Unertl that worked at the company you are referring to. My grandparents started the company, my parents worked at the company, I worked at the company.

All of the personalities involved here were strong personalities in their own right. Each conmtrbuted to, and detracted from the business. My grandmother being a company founder was quite reluctant to leave the company even though she was getting up in years. This gradually built a resentment within my father and their relationship began to fall apart.

My father John Unertl Jr. He also had quite an abrasive side and could alienate people fairly easily. I was schooled as a mechanical engineer because that was what was expected. Family discord for one. Secondly I could see that my father was not doing the necessary training and improvement for future development and expansion.

I elected to resign at that point and move on. I took a job with Leitz, a well known optical instrument company. We used Leitz autocollimators and related equipment in our optical testing. Ultimately I became a Division President for that organization.

When my father died, my mother who did not have a clue about the technology here asked if I was interested in coming back to run the company. When I went back, I saw the company in the shape I figured it would be in.New Posts. Members Profile.

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Post Reply. So I have a Remington Model chambered in with a Unertl 15x scope on it. I have no idea what the model number is, but it has a very fine duplex recticle, and is 24 inches long.

I am thinking of selling it and putting something different on the gun. I have tried shooting with it, and can't do worth a damn at yards.

I have a Leupold M8 12x scope mounted on a swift and have shot. What's this scope worth, and is there any reason why I shouldn't sell it? Here's a picture of it on the rifle and scope.

Cody, Unertl made very fine scopes. You might want to do a search on ebay under Unertl to see some of the different models and what they are worth. Having a duplex reticle is almost unheard of as they are actual wires not etched on glass. If there is something wrong with it very unusualParsons Scope Service can fix it. I would try another known to be good scope on the rifle to see if it shoots fine. Restoring your photos would be a good idea as we could probably give you some idea of what you have.

Whoops, I didn't realize I moved them into a different album. I refer to the crosshairs as fine due to the similar srosshais in one of my Leupolds. It is a very fine crosshair, all the same thickness.


Here's a picture:. Those Unertls are worth quite a bit of money. You could probably trade it in to SWFA and practically pay for a nice new scope Unertl's are so simple and you can't knock them out of alignment. Hard to believe anything could be wrong with it.

It's a piece of crap, you don't wanna have to deal with that! Freedom is something you take. Respect is something you earn.Return to. Anyone who appreciates and enjoys the classic single shot rifles of the late period is welcome to take part here. Civility in all postings, and respect for your fellow shooters are the primary expectations of all members.

Trolls will be removed from the membership without warning or recourse. The Forum owner has the final, and only, say in who is determined to be a troll. Please try to put your posts in the correct forum. Example: loading tips and questions in the "Cartridge Loading Postings may be moved by the moderator to correct forums if he determines they can be better placed. I have an opportunity to buy a nice Unertl 6X traditional ext. Thanks in advance for a reply. Has anyone seen my notebook?

While at Raton last year, I saw several Fecker and Unertl small game scopes in use. No click adjustments in the mount. Silhouette Rifle Sec 3 d Mounts are to be of the traditional style of the period, and contain the windage and elevation adjustments for the scope in either, or both, the front or rear mounts.

Either dove tail mounting or scope block mounting is allowed. Original scope mounts of either the Cataract or Malcom style or variations thereof, or replicas or derivatives of either style, are allowed provided the replica or derivative conforms to the criteria of paragraph d above.

It does have click adjustments. From what I gather from your reply it would be legal as long as you don't use the click adjustments?

Looks like the Unertl might not be the way to go then. I'm not familiar with the Unertl but think the clicker is a plate that can be flipped over and is inside the adjustment knob. I have a pair of Fecker scopes that are without any clicks to the adjustment knobs so can't look to tell you how to unclick them. Maybe someone on this list knows the inside workings of the Unertl turret knobs. Frank M. I will look into it.The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below.

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unertl 6x

Tags: None. Of course if you are never going to sell it, don't care if it's imported, don't mind a few cuts above your eye every now and again, and don't mind if it fogs up or won't hold zero then anything else should do just fine. Comment Post Cancel. I have a Leupold on mine for the past 15 years; never a complaint.

I would vote for the 2. I have had 2 of them and will be buying another here shortly. Very good scope,probably the clearest atleast I think of all the Leupold's. Hope this helps. If you can read this, thank a Teacher.These had all the optical quality that was necessary for a rifle telescope.

However it would not be until the mid s that rifles became sufficiently accurate to require a telescopic sight. InWilliam Malcolm started building riflescopes.


He understood that a riflescope must be properly constructed to hold zero. By the turn of the 20 th Century, Malcolm had become the leading scope manufacturer in the U. The company continued in business until WWII, even though some new optical technologies, which would make these telescopic steel tube scopes obsolete. As a tribute to William Malcolm, our modern Malcolm vintage reproduction scopes are constructed to same specs with the general look and feel of the original scopes.

The only difference with our Malcolm Optics is the glass.

unertl 6x

To give modern performance to these old style scopes, we have utilized modern lens coatings and manufacturing practices.

Whether you are looking to compete in CMP Vintage Sniper competition or searching for that period correct scope to mount on grand dad's old hunting rifle, we've got you covered! Add to Cart.

unertl 6x

Subscribe Sign up to get the latest on sales, new scopes and more ….View Full Version : Unertl scope help. I have an odd itch for an Unertl scoped rifle. I have a 52D and a 40X I could use for the project. I know about ZERO about these scopes other than they are vintage and look cool. If anybody can point me in the right direction it would be really appreciated. Would the 52D or 40X be a better candidate over the other?

Any issues considerations for the mount blocks? Any recommendations about scope power or model? What am I missing? If amyone knows where one might be obtained at a fair price that would be helpful too. Might be open to a Lyman Targetspot too. Oh, since this is a rimfire I would be looking at yds normally which is what I shoot them with irons at. There is a match at yds locally so that might be a consideration too.

I like to be able to see the bullet holes 50 So a 20X or 24x is what I like. This adjustment may need to be fine tuned for best focus. Jeremy Either the Unertl or Lyman scopes are excellent for your use. Do your rifles have the mounting blocks already on them? If not, the rec and barrel needs to be drilled and tapped.

Contact ChuckinDenver from the forum for this. Steve Earle makes the blocks that you will need, and his are high quality and very reasonable. Parsons Scope Service does repair work on the long tube scopes, and their work is excellent, but not cheap. Good glass but poor screws.